Being a beginner to pursue skating, firstly you need to make your mind over a particular skating that you want to start. For every different activity, there are different types of skates available. So, you need to make a decision over that. Types of skates Once, you are done with that you now have to select the pair of ice skates you want. For your information, there are different types of skates available. These types include the following: 1. Figure skates – figure skating involves difficult jumps and spins as choreographed. To execute the same, the pair of figure skates should be highly comfortable, flexible and leather sculpted. The blades of these types of skates should be sharp enough for proper execution. As a beginner, select the figure skates that let you perform all the difficult movement with utmost accuracy. 2. Ice hockey skates – ice hockey skates are different from figure skates. Unlike, they are more flat and slender in their shape. The basic purpose of these skates the creation of pressure over the foot to reduce the effort in playing the sport. In comparison, they offer better support to the feet than figure skates. 3. Speed skates – to win the speed races at skating people go for speed skates. Speed skating required fast movements in order to win. To assure the same, speed skates come with different blades that are stretched at the end of the skates. These differently fixed blades prevent the skates from digging inside the ice and thus losing the competition. If you are a beginner, your interest in the sport decides the type of skates you invest in. skating is a risky sport, to ensure your safety selection of the right pair of skates is a crucial task. So, think and research well before you get one for yourself.

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