The success of any Call Quality Assurance program is for the most part dependent upon the skills and commitments of the QA specialist. Generally, a company that implements a quality assurance program must have a quality assurance specialist. The main function of the specialist is to administer the program and coach all call center agents. While this is an important person to have in a company, it is critical that the quality assurance specialist be a highly skilled person who possesses spectacular job knowledge, coaching and interpersonal skills and is an excellent communicator. This individual must have all these traits because a lot of job knowledge is needed for this important role.
Since companies understand the need for this individual, it is one reason why most of them staff the Call Center QA specialist positions by picking call center agents who have been demonstrating exceptional knowledge of the call center and have excellent skills in handling calls. While a company can promote an agent to this position, it is also possible for the company to transfer a manager or a supervisor from another department to take on this position. However, just because a person is outstanding in sales or customer services does not mean that the person has the knowledge to deliver effective individualized feedback to motivate and coach call center agents. One important point to note is that the ability for a Call QA specialist to coach call center agents is not innate. This ability has to be taught if it is going to have an impact on the quality assurance program. For example, training does not need to be conducted by a QA specialist. This is because agents can also learn from their equals. Using top performers in the call center to train other agents will recognize the outstanding abilities of the top performers. This will help other agents get on board in supporting all management objectives. click here for more information about Call Center QA

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